Foreign Rights

Émilien Bernard is a journalist and translator.

Dahlia Namian is a sociologist. She teaches at the School of Social Work at the University of Ottawa. Her research focuses on poverty and exclusion.

Zehira Houfani Berfas is a Canadian novelist and essayist of Algerian origin. She was in Iraq before, during and after the invasion of the country.

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Vladimir Pozner (1905–1992) was an important writer who valued discretion. A friend of Gorki, he had ties to Babel and Mayakovsky , helping to make Russian literature known in France in the 1920s. His work as a novelist got off to a flying start in the 1930s with Tolstoï est mort and Le Mors aux dents. A militant antifascist, he took refuge in the US during the war. A globe-trotter, storyteller, and pioneer of literary form, Pozner devoted his life and his unique voice to bearing witness to his century.

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Thomas Déri was born stateless in Paris in 1936 to Jewish parents of Hungarian origin who had immigrated due to the economic crisis of 1929. After surviving World War II, he dodged the draft at the time of the Algerian War, settling in Québec to avoid military service.

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Simon Tremblay-Pepin is a member of Quebec’s main public interest research group on socio-economic issues. He is also a columnist and a public relations consultant.

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Seth Ackerman is a doctoral candidate in history at Cornell and a member of the editorial board of Jacobin.

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