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Serge Bouchard is an anthropologist who specializes in Native American culture. He is also a radio host at Radio-Canada.

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Hommage à mes amis innus
320 pages
Released: 16 November 2017
The Innus have been living on the land that is now called Quebec for more than three thousand years. These nomadic people were the first to establish commercial and cultural relations with the Europeans. Today, they form a nation of eighteen thousand members, distributed in eleven communities and their language and culture have survived to the settling down and the other devastating effects of colonialism. Their land, Borealia, was Serge Bouchard’s field of study when he started his graduate studies in anthropology and ever since then, after 50 years of profound friendship, he has stayed close to these women and men who’s resilience is impetuous. And now, the Innus have chosen him, Kauishtut, the «bearded man», to write their history in a book that is probably one of the most beautiful and strong that Lux has ever published.
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De remarquables oubliés. Tome 1
448 pages
Released: 07 April 2011
Inspired by the Radio-Canada show « De remarquables oubliés’, this trilogy, of which two volumes have been released, breathes new life into the ambition of authors: by looking at the underside of history, it shines a light on the anonymous faces of those who are its true actors.Women are absent from the official history of America – do we say it often enough? Certainly Aboriginal women, but also women of all other cultural heritages – Inuit, Canadian, British, Black, French, Métis – among them we find unsung heroines, revolutionaries, pioneers, adventurers, diplomats, scientists, explorers, and artists…
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De remarquables oubliés. Tome 2
420 pages
Released: 10 April 2014
Follow the pilgrimage of fourteen woodsmen – men of the mountains, horsemen of the plains, mule drivers, ice navigators, and desert traders. By tracing their path, we uncover some of those forgotten stories that have been relegated to the more obscure pages of human history, yet which can reveal so much. The great tales of North Americans have consistently omitted these Canadians – those we called French Canadians until the early twentieth century.
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