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Jonathan Martineau (PhD, Université York,  2012) enseigne à l’Université Concordia et à l’Université du Québec à Montréal.  Il est l’auteur de nombreux articles et traductions sur l’histoire des idées, et en particulier sur le temps social.

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De Perry Anderson à David McNally
432 pages
Released: 07 November 2013
Perry Anderson, Edward Palmer Thompson, David Harvey, Moishe Postone, Derek Sayer, Simon Clarke, Robert Brenner, Ellen Meiksins Wood and David McNally: nine important thinkers whose growing influencemarks a new beginning inMarxist analysis in the social sciences. Each chapter describes the intellectual journey of one of these thinkers and analyzes his or her contribution to a constantly evolving field, thus offering readers an overview of the various forms of contemporary Anglo-Saxon Marxism. This heterogeneous and staunchly antidogmatic current has common leanings, such as criticism of economic reductionism and increased sensitivity to the historical processes of relationships of domination. The authors gathered between these covers historians, sociologists, political scientists, geographers and philosophers have each contributed in a unique way to the vast discipline of Marxist thought and historical materialism, which, a century and a half after its founding, continues to grow.
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