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Gaëlle Krikorian holds a doctorate in Sociology from the EHESS and alternates between research, political consulting and involvement in civil society. Her research focuses on social mobilizations, public policies and globalization, around health issues. She was an advisor for the Greens at the European Parliament in Brussels, and a policy director for the MSF Access Campaign. Her involvement in the battle for affordable medicines dates back to her involvement with Act Up.

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Petit vadémécum critique de l'économie des produits pharmaceutiques
136 pages
Released: 10 November 2022
The Covid crisis is an almost caricatural illustration of how the economics of pharmaceuticals condemns us to inexorably reduce the number of people who have access to health innovations – in poor and rich countries alike. Changing this trajectory, and avoiding the multiplication of sorting on an economic basis, requires a precise understanding of the current dysfunctions, distortions and abuses in order to suggest alternative ways of manufacturing and managing products on which our lives may depend. What are the symptoms that affect the pharmaceutical economy? What diagnoses can be established on the basis of these manifestations of dysfunction? What could be the treatments for this failing system? A short and concise book that provides solid arguments for a re-invention of the economics of pharmaceuticals.
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