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Hugo Meunier works as a reporter at La Presse, the main Canadian daily newspaper in French.

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Journal d'un associé
184 pages
Released: 02 April 2015
For three months, journalist Hugo Meunier went undercover at a Walmart. During his time as an “associate”, he kept a diary of the humorous anecdotes of his daily life: the infamous rally cries, the raging clients, the collapsing pallets, the absurd training sessions. With a remarkable sense of detail he describes a typical day in the life of a low wage earner working for the largest retailer in the world. After this experience, the reporter set off to investigate the empire – from Mexico to Jonquière, by way of Arkansas. Thus to his recounting of life “on the floor” does he add a captivating portrait ofWalmart and of the cult dedicated to the one true God of North America: money.
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