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The Élisabeth-Bruyère School of Social Innovation is the first school of social innovation in Canada. Its approach to social innovation is clear: its objective must be social transformation. Its pedagogical approach is founded on practical engagement, block-style teaching, and integration with the Mauril-Bélanger Social Innovation Workshop.

Nestled in Saint Paul Universities intimate campus, one of Canada’s oldest institutions for higher education, the School of Social Innovation brings together small groups of active and engaged students, with a dynamic group of professors who have experience in both the theory and practice of social innovation.

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168 pages
Released: 09 January 2020
Nowadays, it has become dangerously commonplace to say that our world is in crisis. Economic crisis, humanitarian disasters, breakdown of confidence in our institutions, worsening social inequalities, economic precariousness, the rise of the extreme right: these are all symptoms of a world that is not going well. In this context, many feel the urgent need to act, launch a panoply of initiatives and lead to a resurgence of mobilization in defense of equality and dignity. At a time when people no longer believe in political change « from above », this book is intended as an antidote to the depletion of utopian energies and the prevailing gloom, offering a practical guide to help overcome the many challenges of our time.
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