Syrian crisis: One man’s journey across the Mediterranean with refugees

Publié le 19 mai 2016, dans Revue de presse

Interview de Wolfgang Bauer avec Sanam Shantyaei sur France 24 pour Franchir la mer. Récit d’une traversée de la Méditerranée avec des réfugiés syriens.

“According to the United Nations, more than a million migrants and refugees crossed into Europe in 2015 alone. 350,000 of those fleeing in hope of a better life were Syrians. The previous year, one man followed their perilous journey from what he refers to as their hiding spots in Egypt across the Mediterranean to Italy. Wolfgang Bauer, the author of Crossing the Sea: With Syrians on the Exodus to Europe, gives us his personal perspective on the worst humanitarian crisis since World War II.”

Voyez l’interview ici.